At Fahmina’s Beauty Spot, we provide a number of options of highlights for your hair. But first, get to know about what are highlights. It is the latest trend among youngsters who want to introduce multiple colors to their hair. Whether you want a beach blonde look or brunette tones, all can be achievable through highlights. It is also a common way to cover your grey hair perfectly. It can be done by applying foils to the specific portion of hair or by using hair color to add brightness to your hair. We take a strand of hair and add foils or turn them into the color you want. It should be redone every few weeks.

At our salon, we offer something for everyone. It is our duty to fulfill your needs. We only use high-quality products and stay away from those that can harm your hair. We have a team of ever-smiling and professional staff that is at your service. They are well-trained and perform their duties professionally. We also provide full head highlights and half head highlights for your convenience. The color we use is ammonia-free and non-aggressive. Whether you opt for streak, balayage, or babylights, it’s up to you. The result will be mesmerizing and a head-turner for sure. First, the beautician will examine your hair and then ask for your concerns. After the process, you will get a hair wash followed by a nourishing conditioner. She will style you according to fashion trends.

Whether you want a full head coverage or a sharp color to change the look, step on to our salon for the better results. You will be happy after the process because of the staff’s friendliness and cleanliness of the space. Dial now to book an appointment and get ready for receiving compliments.