The location of the salon plays a vital part in it’s success. If the location is hard to reach, the customer will not bother to go. It is obvious how crucial is choosing the best location for a salon. We considered all the points before choosing the spot for our salon. Fahmina’s Beauty Spot is located in Wandsworth, London which is the hub of the region. It is easily accessible and visible even if you are in a car, a public bus, or just passing by. Being situated in a well-known area, it is easier for us to attract visitors daily.

The salon has grabbed the attention of ladies due to it’s safe and secure location. From working women to housewives, ladies can visit the salon at their ease. It is also a centre of attraction to the mothers because of it’s child-friendly nature. It can cover plenty of cars at a time so, no need to worry about car parking issues. Just walk in and feel the tranquillity engulfing your being.

The salon is designed to make the clients look and feel good. If you enter a place which looks gloomy, what will be your reaction? Obviously, not welcoming. We are happy to announce that our space is well-lit. We have adjusted lighting in a way that suits every work station. For example, bright lights for makeup rooms and warm dimmed lights for spa areas.

If your heart is desiring for a particular look, head on to our salon which excels in providing your desired look. You do not have to travel for hours to reach here, just grab a cab or a bus and you will land on the spot. Your favorite one-stop solution to all your beauty-related problems and not to mention, at a convenient location.