Tired of wearing false lashes every time you have to step out? The process takes a lot of time as you have to be very careful while gluing them on your eyes. Worry not, as there is another way by which your eyelashes can intensify with volume and length. The treatment is called eyelash perm treatment and it is getting popularity nowadays. It adds length, body, and volume to your existing lashes. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s see how the process carries on in our salon.

Firstly, the expert removes the makeup residue and clean the eye area. She will use cotton pads on the lower eyelids to avoid tangling. Then she will place a cylindrical perming rod based on the length of an eyelash on the upper eyelid. The procedure will be followed by brushing a bonding solution to secure the lashes against the curved rod. Next, the therapist will make sure that each of your lashes is spaced equally. She will apply setting lotion to make them curl and wait for ten minutes to complete the process. After that, she will remove the perming solution with a saline liquid using a cotton pad. Following the process, the eyelids were left to dry and the eyelash perm treatment is now finished. Yes, it is that easy and simple.

Now you are ready to shine with your perfectly curled eyelashes. The staff at Fahmina’s Beauty Spot is trained and expertise in delivering satisfying results. The products are upgraded and of high-quality as we do not compromise on quality. We offer services in a friendly environment and deliver faster results than others. The prices are economical but make sure to book an appointment prior to the visit. Let us add extra oomph to your eyelashes and make them look fuller.