You cannot have that finish makeup look unless your eyelashes look fuller. How to achieve that look? All the big names in the fashion industry and makeup artists are going for over-the-top lashes. This is the new trend where every other girl wears a statement lashes with confidence. Who doesn’t want a fluttery and flattery eyelashes? But, it cannot be achievable only by applying mascara. Here, individual lashes come to rescue. They are best to use for occasional purposes and also an easy way to beautify yourself on a daily basis. Let’s see how it works.

The eyelashes artists at Fahmina’s Beauty Spot are well-accustomed to fashion trends and are well-trained. They deliver customer satisfaction with their professional skills. The individual lashes are a perfect substitute for your light lashes. Let the talented artists at our salon give you a fuller and lustrous look. First, they will prep your eyes and clean the makeup residue. Then, the falsies are placed carefully on the eyes and glued on them. The look will finish off by applying mascara and combing the lashes. Now, you are all set to have natural-looking lashes with volume and length. We also offer eyelash extension, eyelash perming, and tint. We have something for everyone in the store. Just tell us your requirements and we are ready at your service.

Remember, the staff at our salon welcomes you with a friendly smile and you become an instant fan of our hospitality. We never fail to impress our customers with our excellent work. The products we use are of high-quality and harmless. The prices of the services are economical. Head on to our salon if you want to flutter your eyelashes and make your eyes look wide open on a day-to-day basis.