Lately, dark and broad eyebrows have become a fashion statement. These eyebrows are fluffy, fuller, and darker. Almost all the celebrities carry this image gracefully and making others wonder how to achieve this look. Now, here is the answer. The process is called HD eyebrows and it intensifies overplucked eyebrows. It can also make them look dark as it changes the color and adds more definition. That is why they are called “high definition” eyebrows.

The process starts with a consultation at the Fahmina’s Beauty Spot, where we have a team of therapists, who will discuss with you the shape, color, and texture you want. The next step is to apply tint on the brows. The tint color is decided by keeping in mind the shape of your face and brow structure. It will automatically make your brows look fuller. Then, the process of hair removal starts. This involves threading, waxing, tweezing, and trimming with perfection. This process requires precision which is only achievable through experienced and professional artists. Now, you have got perfectly arched brows. The next step is to apply powder to give the finishing look. Your therapist also discusses the after-care process on how to maintain that amazing beauty for long.

We are proud to say that we never compromise on quality that is why we only use high-quality products. Our staff maintains cleanliness and hygienic conditions in the salon. Above all, our staff is well-trained and knows how to deal customers with respect and care. The prices are pocket-friendly and who cares about the price when the service is oh-so-satisfying. Relax on the comfortable chair, close your eyes, and let the professionals do their magic.

Add the little extra oomph and drama to your eyebrows with our HD eyebrows treatment. Book an appointment to get it now.