Makeup artists, with their newest techniques, are getting popularity day by day. They are the solution to all your worries of not looking like you want to. Whether you have to attend a birthday party, a formal dinner, a wedding function, or just a dine out – they are there to help you. They can create magic with their tools and art. The makeup artists at Fahmina’s Beauty Spot are trained to give you that look that doesn’t need any mobile filter. The flawless finish, smokey eyes, and dewy glow – all you can attain under our roof.

The process involves discussing with your makeup artist about what kind of look you want on that particular day. She will listen to your needs, address them, and then decide the final look. She will clean all the makeup residue from your face using makeup remover. Then she will start weaving her magic. Let her create the look and you can just chill while listening to your favorite music. You can also relax in the air-conditioned room and feel the softness of her brush strokes. You can tell her about your preferences and likes. We especially emphasize on eye makeup and flawlessly blend the colors. The last but not the least is applying lipstick, that can make your lips fuller and brighter. The salon’s professional makeup artist is sure to present your desired look.

About the products, we always use high-quality and latest makeup products. We do not compromise on quality. The makeup artists are well-aware of the latest fashion trends and can sweep you off your feet with the final look. The environment is super-friendly and relaxing. The prices are economical and under your budget. We guarantee to make you look beautiful on your big day. Book an appointment now.