Are you going nuts because of unwanted hair on your body? Here is the chance for all of you. We offer services of waxing for all parts of the body. On top of that, our wax is hygienic and safe to use. Waxing has numerous benefits, such as it can give long-lasting results. As a result, hair growth will be weaker than before. It also exfoliates the dead skin while removing hair from the root, making your skin smooth, soft, and lustrous.

The experienced staff of our salon first clean and preps your body part. If you have sensitive skin, inform it beforehand so that our staff can perform a patch test. Then, the expert applies wax evenly on the skin in small portions. Once dry, she will lift it in the opposite direction, making sure no hair is left behind. She will continue to repeat the process until no hair is left behind. Remember, all this process is painless and you will love the process.  In the end, you will be left with silky, smooth, and hair-free skin.

At Fahmina’s Beauty Salon, we offer waxing service for various body parts such as:

  • Underarms and arms
  • legs, back and bikini area
  • upper body and stomach area.

You can have hot wax for the face if you are comfortable with it. You can have the service of hair removal from upper lips, chin, forehead, and sides of the face with hot wax strips.  You can also select Hollywood or Brazilian waxing services. We ensure a friendly environment with the provision of satisfaction to our clients.

Book an appointment now if you are having unwanted and troublesome hair on your body. You will leave the space with satisfactory smile on your face.