Individuals (half set)


Individual Lashes are semi-permanent flared lash pieces. Individual lashes
provide natural enhancement. You can customize your own look to suit your eyes and
natural lashes.


These lashes are attached individually to the client’s natural eyelash. These Lashes
last for 2—–4 weeks depending on how quickly your lash grows and how well you look after them.
We normally recommend an infill between 2——3 weeks. The range is available in different
sizes mini, short, medium, and long.
These lashes are usually 0.15mm or 0.20mm so slightly thicker than the natural lash and
come in various curls, lengths,s, and materials such as synthetic, mink, or silk.
Depending on the technician, individual lash should take between 1hr 15min ——2hr.
(Full set).